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What can Brian Thomas help you with?

Weight Control

Weight Control

Helping you change your relationship with food to help control your weight and optionally install a Virtual Gastric Band if required.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Looking at your smoking history and lifestyle, helping you uncover the root cause of your addiction with personalized treatment.



Using a range of methods to identify the causes of depression and giving you the lifetime skills to cope with and eventualy beat it.

Control Addictions


I can help you overcome most kinds of addictive behaviour and dependence, whether physical or psychological, through CBH techniques.



I will teach you to respond to your fears in a healthy acceptable manner, using various cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy techniques.

Gain Confidence


To gain more confidence, I will educate you in ways to improve your inner dialogue and teach you to become your own best friend.

Why Choose Brian Thomas?

From the beginning of the first session Brian will be working with you to build an honest, supportive working relationship. He will take the time to discuss any questions before and after every hypnotherapy session you. You will also learn self hypnosis skills so that the benefits of hypnotherapy are available to you long after the treatment is complete.

  • Designs personal treatment plans.
  • Teaches people the skills to self-help.
  • Free initial consultation.

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