Addictive Personality and how I can help overcome addiction.

Are you a person who finds themselves drifting from one addictive behaviour to another? Perhaps you have developed an addictive personality over several years without even noticing. This may explain why we eat too much, drink excessively, smoke, abuse drugs, gamble, or do any other potentially harmful behaviour.

Symptoms of having an addictive personality includes:

  • Constant preoccupation with a particular behaviour of which you may be aware.
  • Suffering withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop the behaviour.
  • The behaviour negatively affects other activities that you usually enjoy.
  • Personal relationships may negatively be affected by the behaviour.
  • Being aware that the behaviour itself increases over time, and seemingly out of control.
  • Giving in to cravings, like sweets and food, despite the emotional turmoil that follows.
A great deal of research has shown that people with an addictive personality are prone to develop insecure personalities and contributes to excessive mood swings, constant stress and anxiety, undermining your self-worth, and ultimately, sabotaging your long-term goals and values.

If you feel that you are suffering from any of these issues, the first step to fight back is to admit that you have a problem and then to embark on a journey of healing. To help restore your self-worth and start the journey of overcoming your addictive personality once and for all, simply arrange a free initial consultation as I may be able to help you.

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